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Adult Education - Temple Concord Syracuse

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This is an exciting year for Adult Education at Temple Concord with new and exciting offerings.  Temple Concord offers a variety of opportunities for adults to enhance their knowledge of Judaism, including weekly Torah and Talmud study, Hebrew, Art and more.  Regardless of where you are on your journey of learning, Temple Concord has something for you. 

Tuesday Talmud: Rabbi Fellman resumes his lunchtime Tuesday Talmud sessions with weekly sessions October through May. No prior knowledge of Talmud is necessary and the class is taught in English. Bring a lunch and an opinion and join us for stimulating conversation, plenty of learning, and more than a bit of laughter.

Torah Study: Every Saturday at 9:00am study begins with readings of various Jewish texts followed by discussion of the weekly Torah portion at 10:00am.

Christianity and the Jews: Join Rabbi Fellman and guest Christian clergy members for a three-part conversation on the history and beliefs of Christianity. We will explore similarities and differences, and work to build stronger connections between Judaism and Christianity. Sundays Oct 19 and Nov 23, 11am-12pm, and Wednesday, Dec 3, 7pm.

Islam for Jews: Join Rabbi Fellman and guest Muslim thinkers for three sessions exploring Islam, its teachings, and its history. We will study the beliefs of Islam as well as the similarities we share, and explore our differences too, as we seek to build understanding and connection. Sundays Dec 7 and 21, 11am, and Wednesday, Jan 7, 7pm

Israel as Cradle of Religion: Join us for a three-part course on Israel’s importance as a home for world religions. We will explore the history of Israel and the development of religions. We will also explore modern Israel and Israel’s attempts to be an open state for people of all faiths. Sundays Jan 11 and 25, 11am, Wednesday Jan 28, 7pm

Adult Hebrew: Once again this year Temple Concord and Congregation Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas will be collaborating to offer Prayerbook and Biblical Hebrew classes to adult and teen learners. The classes are open to all and will be held at Congregation Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas. What better way to feel more engaged with services and prayer!

Prayerbook Hebrew

Taught at CBS-CS on Tuesday 7:00-8:00 pm Sep 9-Dec 16 $40 plus book (Aleph Isn’t Enough can be purchased through Amazon)

Register with CBS-CS either by phone 446-9570 or email:

This class needs a minimum registration; please register ASAP.

The class will emphasize basic grammar, Hebrew word roots, reading skills, and prayerbook and Biblical vocabulary. Come enjoy and build your Hebrew confidence. For questions about the class, please contact Ruth Stein at 446-5429 or (315) 751-5377; e-mail: Students who already have a copy of Aleph Isn’t Enough should bring it to class.

Beginning Hebrew

Taught at CBS-CS, Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 pm

Jan 6-Mar 31 (No class Feb 17). $40 plus book L’Shon ha-Kodesh- A Beginning Book for Adults by Debi M. Rowe (Publisher: Torah Aura). Register with CBS-CS either by phone 446-9570 or email:

This class needs a minimum registration; please register ASAP.

The class starts with the letters and sounds, and progresses to simple reading and basic vocabulary. This is the class for you if you would like to start from the beginning or review the basics. For more information, please email Jessie Kerr-Whitt at

Modern Hebrew Please contact Rabbi Fellman for more information.

Wed, October 17 2018 8 Cheshvan 5779