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Library - Temple Concord Syracuse


The Lois Arnold Gale Memorial Library provides access to information in support of the Temple Concord Mission. Enhanced by professional guidance, the library serves Temple congregants of all ages, members of other Central New York Jewish institutions, and the larger community. The Library supports the development of a community of learners and stimulates thought, inquiry, communication, growth, and positive action. The materials available, in both traditional and emerging media formats and housed within the physical library and beyond, address the full range of the Jewish experience in Central New York, America, Israel, and the world.

Lois Arnold Gale Memorial Library:  Library Shabbat Apr 14-15, 2017

As Jews, we are “people of the book.” And that is especially true at Passover, when we open our haggadot.  We proudly host the Library Shabbat on the Shabbat that falls within Passover (Apr 14-15).

Welcome Shabbat at the Friday Pre-Neg

Before Friday services, volunteers in the Library informally share their recommendations for recently published books of Jewish interest. Passover munchies included.

Read, Study, and Discuss on Shabbat

On Shabbat afternoon, you can join a lively discussion of the journey our sacred texts have taken to arrive at their contemporary content and forms.

Suggested readings include:

  • Who Wrote the Bible?  By Richard Elliott Friedman (1997)
  • The Bible’s Cutting Room Floor: The Holy Scriptures Missing from Your Bible by Dr. Joel Hoffman (2014)
  • The Grammar of God by Aviya Kushner (2015)

This program is in addition to Sabbat-morning text and Torah study and Shabbat services.

Thu, August 5 2021 27 Av 5781